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Dr. P.J.Mathew Martin: Adjunct Faculty
He is Post-Doctoral Research Fellow at CCD-HumES research environment, on invitation in Orebro University, Sweden in 2015. He is Doctor of Philosophy in Mass Communication and Journalism. His thesis is on ‘Status of Disability Communication in India of Non-Govt. and Govt. Organizations: A Comparative Study’, which demonstrated the theory of ‘Disability Communication’. He began his career at Indian Express Newspaper Daily at Kochi in 1987. Joined in 1989 as Mass Media Professional at the National Level Institute (AYJNIHH-Mumbai) under Department of Empowerment of Persons with Disabilities, Ministry of Social Justice  & Empowerment, Govt. of India. He teaches and Coordinates the Post Graduate Diploma in Media &Disability Communication Course, jointly conducted by University of Mumbai & AYJNIHH-Mumbai.

He is winner of prestigious International Award- ‘Manthan Award South Asia for E-inclusion in 2009’ and recipient of esteemed National Award ‘NCPEDP-MphasiS Universal Design Award- 2011’ for his innovation in Universal Design & Accessible Digital Media. He published several International & National Books and articles in journals. He is also visiting faculty at K.C. College, Mumbai and does research in ‘Design & Development of Animated Sign Language Captioning Framework’ a ‘Diety-Govt. of India’ funded project in collaboration with C-DAC Pune.

Academic Acheivements

  • Was invited by the Ministry of Social Security, Government of Mauritius, to coordinate and conduct the workshop cum training in ‘Mauritius Sign language – Linguistic Validation for Communication’ from 4th to 17th April 2016 at Mauritius.
  • Was invited as Post-Doctoral Research Fellow by the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, to the multi-disciplinary research environment at CCD-HumES, Orebro University, Orebro, Sweden from 2nd September to 27th Oct. 2015.
  • On invitation as International featured speaker, participated, with a peer reviewed research paper presentation in the International conference on Virtual Learning Sites as Languaging Spaces (ViLS-2) organized by research group CCD, Communication, Culture & Diversity at the SchoolHumES, Humanities, Education and Social Sciences at Örebro University, Sweden within the framework of project CINLE (Communication and Identity processes in Netbased Learning Environments) at Örebro University and Örebro City konferenscenter, Sweden,  on September 22-24, 2015.

Books: (International Editions-UK, US & Germany)

  • NEWS, VIEWS, CONTENT AND ANALYSIS: Content analysis of 'Disability Communication' in DNA (Daily News Analysis) - a short-term study . (August 9, 2010) ISBN: 978-3-8383-7820-6.
  • CONTENT ANALYSIS OF ‘DISABILITY COMMUNICATION’ IN NEWSPAPER DAILIES:A Short-Term Study of Disability Communication Content in Newspaper Dailies Published from Mumbai. (August 12, 2010) ISBN:978-3-8383-9281-3.
  • ACCESSIBLE WEBSITES AND ORGANIZATIONS FOR PERSONS WITH DISABILITIES:A study of websites of Organizations working for PWDs in India On (3rd Dec’09) World Disability Day. (September 16, 2010) ISBN:978-3-8433-5335-9.

Books: (Indian Editions)

  • Media Style Guide’: Rehabilitation of India, New Delhi Publication. 2005, India.
  • ‘Media Training Manual’: Rehabilitation of India, New Delhi Publication. 2004, India.
  • Chapter in ‘Resource Book on Hearing Impairment’ of AYJNIHH, (Ministry of Social Justice & Empowerment, Govt. of India) Mumbai-50, India. (2014)
  • Chapter in the Book ‘Media & Human Rights’ Published by Dominant Publishers, 2015, New Delhi, India ISBN-9789384161729.

Research Papers Published

  • “Community Based Rehabilitation and Extension and Outreach Services for the Hearing Handicapped” in the Indian Journal of Disability and Rehabilitation. Vol.7., issue1. Jan-June 1993, a national level publication of Ministry of Welfare, Govt. of India, New Delhi. (ISSN NO:0970-2474).
  • “Media and the Rural Speech and Hearing impaired population” in the Hearing Aid Journal, Vol.8.No.4, issue no.32 Jan.1994., New Delhi, India. (ISSN NO:0971-0949).
  • “Content Analysis of Disability Communication-The Daily Newspaper DNA (Daily News Analysis) A Short-term Study Report” in Language in India, Volume 8 : 11 November 2008.(ISSN 1930-2940).
  • “Descriptive linguistic analysis of Tulu Language” in the Form of Dissertation as part of the Completion of the Master’s Program in Linguistics, University of Mumbai, India.
  • “Content Analysis of ‘Disability Communication’ in DNA(Daily News Analysis): A Short – Term Study Report”,  in Communicator Vol.XLI NO.1 Jan-Dec.2006, New Delhi India. (ISSN No. 0588-8093).
  • “Organizations working for Persons with Disabilities in India Moving Towards Accessible Websites” in Journal of Rehabilitation Council of India (JRCI) Vol.5.No.1&2 Jan-Dec. 2009, New Delhi, India. (ISSN NO:0973-2497).
  • “Web Accessibility for Persons with Disabilities: Evidence from India” in Communicator Vol.XLIII NO.1 Jan-Dec.2008, New Delhi, India. (ISSN No. 0588-8093).
  • “The Status of Disability Communication in India of Government and Non-Government Organizations- A comparative Study” on 31st May 2010 on Completion of Doctoral Studies in Mass Communication, YCMOU-Nashik, India.
  • “Technical Strides in Using Captioning & Indian Sign Language as Accessibility Tools of Universal Design in Advertisement and its effects on Hearing & Deaf Persons” in the Book “Issues of Journalistic Ethics and Freedom in the Contemporary Age of Digital Media” - Edited by Prof. Dr. Tapati Basu, Head, Dept. of Journalism & Mass Communication, University of Calcutta, India, 2012. (ISBN: 81-86263-004).
  • Poothullil.J.Mathew Martin and Puneet Kumar Gupta ‘Comprehension of Basic Mathematics Among Children with Hearing Impairment Using Multimedia in Accessible and Non-accessible Format a Comparative Study’  Educational Media (ICEM), 2013 IEEE 63rd Annual Conference International Council for, vol., no., pp.1,11, 1-4 Oct.2013.doi: 10.1109/CICEM.2013.6820182.
  • Poothullil.J.Mathew Martin, Kalbage Arun (2013), 'Accessibility of Higher Educational Institution’s Websites- Published in Indian Journal of Open Learning, Vol-22 (2), 2013, IGNOU, New Delhi. ISSN: 0971-2690.
  • Poothullil J. Mathew Martin, (2014) Published Chapter XII in,  Resource Book on Hearing Impairment, ‘Indian Sign Language and Captioning as Accessibility Tools in Universal Design in Digital Media’ published by Ali Yavar Jung National Institute for the Hearing Handicapped, (Department of Disability Affairs, Ministry of Social Justice & Empowerment, Govt. of India) Mumbai, India.
  • Indian Regional Language and Cultural Perspectives Vis-à-vis Universal Design in Digital Media’ in the Book ‘ Media and Globalization’ –Edited by Prof. Manjula Srinivas, Head Dept. of Mass Media, Mumbai, India, 2014. Excel India Publishers (ISBN:987-93-83842-64-3).
  • Poothullil J. Mathew Martin and Insha Imran Khan (2014) A Study on the Changing Styles of Music in Bollywood, Media Research and Communication Studies Journal (MRCSJ), Department of Mass Media, K.C.College,King Jumbo Xerox, Mumbai, India, Vol. I, Feb. 2015. ISSN:2394-7594.
  • Poothullil J. Mathew Martin and Maphishisha Nongbri (2014) A Study on the Influence of English Newspapers on Reader’s Opinion, Media Research and Communication Studies Journal (MRCSJ), Department of Mass Media, K.C.College, King Jumbo Xerox, Mumbai, India, Vol. I, Feb. 2015. ISSN:2394-7594.
  • Poothullil J.Mathew Martin (2015) Visual Media & Disability the Challenges and Solutions in Using Multimedia, Media Research and Communication Studies Journal (MRCSJ), Department of Mass Media, K.C.College,Supreme Stationers and Xerox, Mumbai, India, Vol. 2, July. 2015. ISSN:2394-7594.

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